About Rigel

Company Overview

Rigel Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is a biotechnology company dedicated to discovering, developing and providing novel small molecule drugs that significantly improve the lives of patients with immune and hematologic disorders, cancer and rare diseases. Rigel's pioneering research focuses on signaling pathways that are critical to disease mechanisms.

The company's first FDA approved product is TAVALISSE®* (fostamatinib disodium hexahydrate), the only oral spleen tyrosine kinase (SYK) inhibitor for the treatment of adult patients with chronic immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) who have had an insufficient response to a previous treatment. ITP is a rare autoimmune disease where the body's own immune system attacks and destroys platelets in the blood.

Rigel’s clinical programs include a Phase 3 study with fostamatinib in autoimmune hemolytic anemia and a Phase 1 study of R835, a proprietary molecule from its interleukin receptor associated kinase (IRAK) program.

In addition, Rigel continues to build an extensive portfolio of products, monetizing select assets through attractive partnerships.

*Please see the TAVALISSE full Prescribing Information at www.TAVALISSE.com.