Grants & Sponsorships

Rigel is committed to improving the lives of patients living with immunological disorders. One of our most significant goals is to expand scientific and medical knowledge of these conditions and explore potential avenues for improving treatment. Rigel supports these objectives through corporate sponsorships, support for patient advocacy organizations, and grants for medical education initiatives and investigator-initiated studies. See the links below to learn more about these important programs. Requests will be reviewed within 30 days, but not all requests will be funded.


Rigel is committed to improving the lives of patients living with rare, immunological disorders and supports the events of organizations that share this commitment through corporate sponsorships. Eligible organizations should be patient-centered and engaged in advocacy or awareness efforts related to these important skin conditions.


Medical Education, Scholarships, and Fellowships

Rigel is committed to the continued advancement of awareness and knowledge in rare, immunological conditions through grants for medical education, scholarships and fellowships. Organizations with an educational focus are eligible for funding support for initiatives that serve to educate to enhance this awareness and understanding.


Financial Support for Patient Advocacy Organizations

Rigel is committed to providing support to nonprofit healthcare-related organizations that deliver programs, services, and activities that enhance the lives of patients living with rare, immunological disorders.


Investigator-Initiated Studies (IIS)

Rigel is committed to supporting innovation and recognizes the contribution of investigator-initiated studies (IIS) toward this goal. We recognize the critical role investigator-initiated studies can play in the overall expansion of medical knowledge and in generation of further research avenues to improve treatments for patients living with chronic skin conditions. Rigel supports IIS efforts through providing drug product, funding or both.


Compliance Commitment

Rigel is committed to compliance with all applicable international, federal and state pharmaceuticals industry laws, regulatory and industry guidelines. etc. etc. etc........

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