R348 – Dry Eye in GvHD


Ophthalmic JAK/SYK inhibitor for Dry Eye in Ocular GvHD:

  • The transplantation of stem cells from the bone marrow or blood of a donor is an established and potentially curative treatment for certain malignant hematologic diseases.
  • A common complication of these transplants is chronic graft-versus-host-disease (GvHD), where the transplanted cells recognize the recipient as "foreign" and attack the host's body cells.
  • Ocular GvHD affects approx. 40 - 60% of patients receiving stem cell transplants. It can result in severe dryness in the eye, irritation, and may lead to severe ocular surface disease.
  • Current treatments, including topical and systemic immunosuppressive agents, corticosteroids and lubricants, are inadequate to reverse ocular GvHD.
  • Rigel's ophthalmic JAK/SYK inhibitor, R348, is intended to arrest the inflammation and tissue damage to the eye from ocular GvHD.
  • Rigel expects results of its Phase 2 study in 2016.